Eddie Herr 2017 at IMG

IMG Tennis Reservation

MySportSeat is pleased to announce that our chair rental services will be available for the prestigious EDDIE HERR INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS being held at IMG Academy from Nov 22nd through Dec 3rd.

We will offer the following rental options for our specially designed chairs:

  1. All Day Rental: $ 8.00- This selection will give you access to a chair for a specific day of the tournament.
  2. U12-U16 Qualifying Draw: $25.00 – This selection will give you access to a chair for the entire duration of the U12-U16 Qualifying draw which will be held Nov 22th – Nov 26th ( Savings of $15.00 off daily rate)
  3. Main Draw : $35.00 – This selection will give you access to a chair for the entire Main Draw which will run from Nov 27th –Dec 3rd. This selection is expected to be the most popular selection so be sure to reserve today. (Savings of $21.00 off the daily rate)

Reservation Instructions

  1. Fill out the required fields of First and Last name, Email address and Mobile number.
  2. Select which event you would like to make the reservation for. Qualifying Draw or Main Draw.
  3. After selecting the Draw, you will be given the option to book the entire event (All Days: $ 25.00
    for Qualifying Draw, $ $35.00 for Main Draw) or you may select individual days and pay the daily
    fee ($ 8.00 per day).
  4. Select the number of seats you would like to reserve.
  5. Enter payment information.
  6. Upon completion of all fields, click on the SEND RESERVATION Button and your transaction will
    be processed.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation and QR code to pick up your seats at
    the tennis courts.
  8. Enjoy the event and remember …MySportSeat….JUST SIT!!!

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at info@ mysportseat.com