Our Mission

Provide products and services to enhance the experience of attending youth sporting events.  JUST SIT!

Are WE Crazy?

MySportSeat.com was started by a group of travelling SPORTS parents who after countless road trips,  hotel rooms, airline flights,  and thousands of league play games; said, there has to be a better way to do this!.    That was our driving force to create a plan to improve your youth sporting experience!!!   MySportSeat is an innovative service that will eliminate the need for you to pack, load, unload, setup, repack and reload your chairs.   Leave that to us and JUST SIT!
We’ve started with the basics but will continue to expand our products and services to a sporting event near you soon!    Remember, leave your old,  clunky, uncomfortable, bagged chair in your garage where it belongs and JUST SIT with mysportsseat.com!

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