Make Your USA Cup Reservation

  • 1. Fill out the reservation information and choose either the USA Cup Weekend or USA Cup Week-long event.
  • 2. Find your Team by choosing Girls or Boys, Age-Flight and then Team.
  • 3. Select the number of seats you would like to reserve. The cost of the seats are:
      • USA Cup –Weekend(July 15th-17th): $15.00 each
      • USA Cup – Week Long (July 19th-23rd): $15.00 each
        USA CUP SPECIAL Reserve 6 Chairs by Parents on your Team AND MySportSeat will provide 6 Seats for your Team bench (Players) FOR FREE!
      • It pays to reserve online in advance! Onsite reservations can be made at the fields but not at the discounted rate.
  • 4. Your reserved seat will be for your team games only. We will have two kiosk located at the fields for you to pick up and drop off your seats after each game so you don’t have to pack them in your car!
  • Click Here for USA Cup Field Map.

  • 5. After completing the reservation form, click the RESERVE SEAT button on the web site and your seat is now reserved but not paid. Once the official game schedule is released, you will receive an email directing you to confirm your reservation and input the payment information. Our system does this to manage our seat inventory and make sure your seat is always available for your game.
  • 6. Your confirmation email will contain a QR code that we will scan at our kiosk and give you your seat. Think Southwest airlines. Quick, Easy and Simple!
  • 7. After your team plays, simply drop your seat back off at our kiosk and it will be waiting for you and your next game.