Make Your USFTL Reservation

Reservation Instructions USFTL National Championships

  1. Fill out the required fields of First and Last name, Email address and Mobile number.
  2. Select which days of the event you would like to make the reservation for.   If you want the chair for the entire event, simply click on all 3 days.
  3. Pricing for the event will be $ 6.00 per day or $ 18.00 for the entire event.
  4. Select the number of seats you would like to reserve
  5. Enter payment information
  6. Upon completion of all fields, click on the SEND RESERVATION Button and your transaction will be processed.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation and QR code to pick up your seats at the fields.
  8. Once you arrive at the fields, simply locate the most convenient kiosk, show your QR code (or email address) to our attendant, a chair will be checked out for you.
  9. After your game is over, please return your chair to one of our Kiosks…easy as that!!
  10. When your team plays again, simply repeat the pick-up and return process used before.
  11. Enjoy the event and remember …MySportSeat….JUST SIT!!!
USFTL Championship Event Map